Engaged Couple

Couples Counselling

Tune Up your Relationship

Benefits  of  Couples Counselling

When do you put gas in your car? When the gas light comes on? Or proactively, at half a tank because going lower hurts your vehicle? If you never add fuel, your car will simply stop working. Your car needs routine maintenance and care to work. When it doesn't work, you take it to a mechanic.

The same logic applies to your romantic relationship.

Tune up

When couples counselling is seen as "tuning up" your relationship, it avoids associating shame and failure with the process. Attending counselling with your partner demonstrates wisdom, courage, and commitment to your relationship!

  • Proactive counselling can prevent many relationship problems from occurring.

  • Addressing problems when they are minor can de-escalate issues and restore trust.

  • If the "gas light" is already ON, couples counselling can prevent a breakdown further down the road.

Helping both partners

Depending on the couple's issues, needs, and goals, I will help both partners:

  • see their relationship in a more open-minded way

  • stop the "blame game"

  • learn how past experience affects current relationship dynamics and problems

  • improve communication and interaction patterns

  • discuss differences rationally and solve problems together

  • heal from an affair and restore trust

Solo couples counselling

If your spouse or partner refuses to attend sessions, you can still benefit by attending yourself. You can acquire insight about your own reactions and behaviours, and how they impact your relationship. 
With the knowledge you derive, you can weather a crisis, work on a deteriorated relationship, or even decide your differences are irreconcilable and it is better to end the relationship.