FAMILY Counselling


Mother and Daughter in Farm

Benefits of family Counselling

the process

For family counselling to be effective, adults, teenagers, and even older children must take responsibility for their behaviour. Some family members may need to change their behaviour more than others. 
Not all family members must attend each session. I often see parents together, without their children, for example.

Helping the whole family

Family counselling can help family members

  • learn more about themselves and how their family functions

  • focus less on the family member who has been identified as "ill" or "having the problem" and more on the family's health and behaviour as a whole

  • improve communication and interaction

  • acquire skills for resolving conflict together

  • identify and build on each other's strengths

  • tolerate and work with each other's differences

  • understand one another more, build closeness, and get along better.

Important Note

I do not provide written assessments or reports for any reason, including:

  • court

  • custody/access

  • parenting capacity

  • criminal matters

  • progress in counselling